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i love living in denver. i'm 15 minutes away from the city and 15 minutes away from the mountains - technically, if you count the foothills as mountains. recently, an old friend and I took a drive out to golden gate canyon state park. we hiked one of my favorite trails out there, only because of the beautiful old swedish homestead that lies about a mile up the trail. it still stands, but many parts have been refurbished. its still an old beauty. 


the little ranch house sits on a hill over looking a trout pond. it brought me back to simpler, rougher times. i imagined cold, harsh winters, only to be rewarded with warm mountain summers, lush with wild raspberries and fresh trout. i may spend a few summer days up here myself when the weather warms up.  here are a few more photos to curb your outdoor + vintage inspiration cravings!