pine & bramble

get inspired

Molly McCraw

Recently, I've been fighting little bouts of art block. Sometimes I just can't get into the groove of a drawing or painting, somethings I just plain can't get inspired. My past four years at art school has taught me a few tricks to get my mind back on track.

1. Walk it out. Ah yes, the classic "go take a walk". You've probably heard this before if you weren't feelin' yourself. But SERIOUSLY GUYS! There's nothing like fresh air to clear your mind of that foggy feeling after you've been sitting at a desk all day. We are animals, we aren't meant to sit in a chair all day long! Get that body out and start moving! Take a moment to observe whats happening around you. If you live in the city, find a park with life! Watch what nature does around you, but don't just watch, think about it's purpose. Pay attention to the little details, you'll be amazed at what you see and where it takes your mind. And if you live around any state parks or wildlife areas, I highly recommend going for a hike. Sometimes nature is the best therapist.

2. Get away. Stuck on the same part of a drawing and you just aren't satisfied with anything? Sometimes, the best thing to do is just get away for a while. Preoccupy your mind with something else. For example, I love to cook! Coming back to a painting after a successful, tasty meal often makes me think "This piece isn't so bad after all". I come back with a fresh mind, so I am able to come up with new answers. I've found the most success when I am doing something completely unrelated to art.

3. Make a list. When you have a good idea, write it down! I keep a list of ideas in my planner, so if I ever find myself with some free time and I can't think of what to draw I can always turn to my list. It reminds me that there is always something to do, and an endless amount of ideas to visit. Just don't overwhelm yourself!

4. Revisit old art. Recently, I got a new flat file for my artwork, which meant I got to go back and see a lot of my older artwork. This was all work that I did in college, and even some in high school! Afterwards, I noticed how many pieces I had ditched half way though and it got me super inspired to either finish them or totally redo the whole concept. I was also able to see how much I've improved in the last few years, which only gets me more excited for whats in store these next few years!

So what am I inspired by? Old books, vintage typography, black pools of water, falling leaves, wood grain, old doors, white buildings, the tap, tap, tap of rain, anything that chirps or squawks.
A good hiking trail, speckley eggs, the way the sun hits a bed of moss, driving at sunrise, lamplight in the snowfall, the smell of colorado.

And some photo's that speak to me. Most of them I have taken [except for the  beautiful, colorful tiles and the very vivid flowers]